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ASM Beneficial Microbes Conference

ASM Conference_Sep_2014

META Center PIs Karen Guillemin and Judith Eisen and postdoctoral fellows Tiffani Jones and Kat Milligan-Myhre attended the ASM Conference of Beneficial Microbes in Washington D.C. September 27-30. Jones presented a talk on her work (more…)

October 3, 2014

First META Center Symposium on Host-Microbe Systems Biology


The first META Center Symposium on Host-Microbe Systems Biology, held in Eugene last weekend, brought together scientists from diverse disciplines for a stimulating weekend of presentations and discussions. The symposium kicked off on Friday evening with a fascinating talk by Curtis Huttenhower entitled “Known knowns and known unknowns in host-associated microbial communities,” that drew parallels between the development of microarray technology and the current emerging field (more…)

August 14, 2014

Conference: The Complex Intersection of Biology and Physics


META PI Raghuveer Parthasarathy spent the past week at a fascinating conference on science and teaching at the interface of physics and biology (Gordon Research Conferences). (more…)

June 17, 2014

META Center Symposium

META symposium_post

Details about the META Center Symposium on Host-Microbe Systems Biology are now available! The Symposium will focus on the theme of “Modeling our Microbial Selves”. We will explore how studies of host-microbe systems biology (more…)

April 1, 2014

Systematically Rethinking Undergraduate Biology Education

PULSE IMG_1801-outside

A few weeks ago Karen Guillemin of the META Center and Elly Vandegrift, Associate Director of the University of Oregon Science Literacy Program, (more…)

November 12, 2013

2013 Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy Workshop

Light Microscopy

On Sept. 15-17, META Center PI Raghu Parthasarathy participated in this year’s Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy meeting. Light sheet imaging is a central part of the META center’s investigations, (more…)

October 3, 2013

First AORTA interns pioneer new mentored research program


This summer, the first cohort of four Alaska Native summer interns participated in the META Center’s AORTA program and got to test run an experimental new approach to mentored research. (more…)

September 13, 2013

National Centers for Systems Biology Annual Meeting


On July 11-12, META Center PIs Karen Guillemin, Brendan Bohannan, Bill Cresko, and Raghuveer Parthasarathy participated in the National Centers for Systems Biology Annual Meeting (more…)

July 30, 2013

NIGMS Meeting on the Dynamics of Host-Microbe Systems


This year, a group of scientists studying dynamic systems were able to catch the cherry blossoms at peak bloom (more…)

May 8, 2013

2013 Genomics Workshop in Czech Republic


META center member Cresko and members of his lab taught in the 2013 Workshop on Genomics in beautiful Cesky Krumlov (more…)

May 8, 2013

You are your microbes


Karen Guillemin and Jessica Green have teamed with a pair of designers and illustrators from a German company to create (more…)

May 8, 2013

Better ways to estimate the diversity of unseen life on and in our bodies


Ecologists often rely on the twin standards of the variety and numbers of species to describe a given region’s diversity. (more…)

May 7, 2013


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