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7th Conference on Beneficial Microbes

7th Conference on Beneficial Microbes held July 8-11, 2018

The 7th Conference of Beneficial Microbes, co-organized by Mark Mandel and META Center Director Karen Guillemin, gathered scientists from all over the globe in Madison, Wisconsin to share their research on host-microbe systems, ranging from leguminous plants to hibernating ground squirrels. Highlighting the theme of mutualism, over 275 scientists throughout the career ladder exchanged ideas, inspired new research, and established new collaborations. Keynote speaker Eran Elinav started the meeting highlighting the potential for microbiome therapies in personalized medicine. During the course of the meeting, META Center scientists Judith Eisen, Catherine Robinson and Travis Wiles all presented their gnotobiotic zebrafish research on bacterial modulation of brain development, bacterial evolution of host adaptation, and bacterial motility in colonization stability. Keynote speaker Jo Handelsman ended by celebrating the diversity of comparative model systems that have advanced symbiosis research.

CBM July 2018 Travis
Travis Wiles gives his oral presentation


July 24, 2018





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