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The Microbial Ecology and Theory of Animals (META) Center for Systems Biology is devoted to understanding how host-microbe systems work and using this knowledge to advance human health.

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META Center paper models host responses to microbiota

November 18, 2015


META Center postdoc Annah Rolig, student Adam Burns, and faculty members Raghuveer Parthasarathy, Brendan Bohannan, and Karen Guillemin have published a new study that uses gnotobiology and mathematical modeling to describe the  … read more …

META Center PI Eisen honored with MRF Discovery Award

November 18, 2015


META Center PI Judith Eisen was in the spotlight Nov. 12 during the annual awards banquet of the Medical Research Foundation of Oregon in Portland. Eisen received the foundation’s Discovery Award “for her seminal work in transforming the aquatic vertebrate model, the zebrafish, into a groundbreaking research model for biomedical science.”

META Center’s Jessica Green contributes to Unified Microbiome Initiative

October 29, 2015


META Center PI Jessica Green participated in the recently published proposal for a unified microbiome initiative. The goal is “to discover and advance tools to understand and harness the capabilities of Earth’s microbial ecosystems.”  … read more …




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Friday, December 4

Journal Club Meeting

Jennifer Hampton

Baldridge et al 2015
Supporting Material
327 Pacific, 3pm

Monday, November 30

Meta Meeting

Five Year Plan Brainstorming – Presenter: Tristan Ursell

350 Willamette, 4pm

Monday, November 23

Meta Meeting

Five Year Plan Brainstorming – Presenter: Judith Eisen

350 Willamette, 4pm

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